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Chris of England
Chris of England
Chris is a very well known Fetish Artist from England and i have been a follower of his work for many years. I was very pleased that he allowed me to put up a few of his lovely art drawings here on Miss Gwens Rubber Queens . If you would like your very own art Chris can do it for you. He has drawn some very hot, steamy transvestite and she-male pictures and is very reasonable in his prices, all it takes is an email which is right above to get the ball rolling. Chris has captured that 50,s look and built on it to make the ladies even more captivating than they were originally plus if you like Amazon women, cheezecake, legs & heels, transvestites and other fetishes he can do. Chris will also be opening up a new site shortly and i will add the banner here when it opens up.

All of these pictures remain the property of Chris of England. To post in any form on the net is illegal unless permission has been granted by Chris of England and any found in doing so will be sought out and brought before  justice and  prosecuted to the fullest extent!

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