Leather & Latex Fetish Model

The LegMistress was i ever happy when Darla emailed her as i had seen some of her pictures before and have to say was always in awe of her as she is just what i would like to be! Bound in thick sexy white rope in a lot of her pictures which i can not show here but if you are on my egroups i will be sending some of them out on my daily mailings and i hope she sends lots more of herself to share with us all. My fantasy would be to be bound up tightly with her in a couple naughty positions for a few hours after that just shoot me as i would have a big smile on my face for the rest of my naughty life!
Darla  lives in California 
 Darla is also a fetish/bondage model and travels a lot and might just if you are the right kind of guy meet you drop her a line. Of course if its thick and white and is called rope better yet!
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