Goddess Eve
Gallery 2

Originally from the Northeast and in her late twenties, Eve Bizarra is a hopelessly busty fetish slut who is just breaking into the
 scene. As a lifelong "dresser", Eve has just recently made her way into the scene and come to terms with a painfully obvious fact: She is a cock-craving, megabusty fetish slut. She is at her happiest: perched atop extreme platform heels and 7" stilettos (anything less than a six inch heel is an insult to her), wearing a waist crushing corset pushing her outrageous tits to even larger proportions, a huge plug filling her pussy and experiencing the extreme restraint of her lovely 4" finger nails (claws). In true fetishist form, Eve has an acute oral fetish, especially for big cocks (like who doesn't). However, Eve also enjoys the exotic appeal of smoking her very long slim cigarettes and loves to "perform" for the crowd that inevitably seems to gather whenever she lights up. But smoking is but a small part of Eve's vast fetishistic oeuvre. Other interests include being bound, gagged and made to be a completely helpless, big titted Barbie doll slave, gang rape, cum baths, electro stimulation, multiple cocksucking, public humiliation, Goddess worship, cock and ball torture, extreme latex and inflatable fashions, smokey sex, heel worship and clawing.
Goddess Eve is a sexy one and also shares a very extreme smoking fetish as i do! Notice her very long fingernails and i sure would love to feel those nails in some very naughty places as i'm sure you would too! Email her and say hi
You can see lots more of Eve by visiting Rebecca's Lair. when you are there check out my Legmistresses  photo's also.

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